Friday, November 10, 2006

It's alive!

It works, it works! Even in IE. Amazin'. I've got so used to the idea that this cranky old web browser will break every site it touches it's amazing to discover that it's actually worked, despite the css code tweaking I had to do.

Okay, time for some actual bone fide news. On the 25th of October I went to London to give a reading to the BSFA and to be interviewed by the lovely Farah Mendlesohn. I was accompanied by my friend Neal, who was supposed to protect me from the screaming hordes of sci-fi fans - but this turned out not to be necessary. Everyone was friendly and not frightening. I read an extract from Bad Blood, my forthcoming young adult horror novel with OUP, which seemed to successfully creep everyone out. Then Farah asked a series of insightful and interesting questions about my writing and inspirations, followed by questions from the audience. All of this was (scarily) taped, so I might be able to get hold of the audio file for this website - I'll ask.

After a few drinks (all bought for me) I drew raffle tickets for the book auction and was taken out to dinner where I had even more interesting conversations (and slightly heated debates) with people from the BSFA.

A special shoutout to Kate who rescued me from wandering around and around Belgravia forever when I got lost on the way. It was also very cool to meet Meredith, who runs Diana Wynne Jones' website - which brings me one step closer to the great woman herself.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

*blink* Was that a year going by?

Err, yes. So this blog has become rather defunct. So defunct that I'd forgotten its very existence. But it has now been revived and brought into line with the current rhiannonlassiter.com style.

I've spent the last few hours tweaking the css to try to work around some issues with the sidebar. Left and right floats have caused immense problems - but it's looking okay in Firefox and Safari. Tomorrow I will, no doubt, discover how hideously borken
(tm) it is in IE.

This is merely a technical update. I have lots of writing news but anyone still reading will have to wait for it. Sorry about that. I will leave you with the news that I am reading David Brin for the first time. I'm not sure how this can be the case but somehow he was missed out of my sf education.

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