Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New blog at wordpress

There have been updates at www.rhiannonlassiter.com, tweaks to the layout of the 'about the author' and 'connect' areas, a new blog added and lots of links to social networking sites where I have a presence.

http://www.rhiannonlassiter.com - for the website
http://rhiannonlassiter.wordpress.com - to go directly to the new blog.

Please admire the curvy corners of the connect area.

PS: My reasons for moving from blogger to wordpress are:
a) easier to customise css
b) better implemenation of tagging and archiving
c) generally recommended

However, it's not perfect at wordpress, problems are:
a) can't edit html at all
b) customising css could be even easier still if not based on a template

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