Friday, September 30, 2005

Words written on water

Hmm, I am now a bit disgruntled. I had composed a post and published it and now it appears to have vanished into the ether. This is one I can't be responsible for. It was there and now it isn't. Other things that aren't there include my current website (my web-diversion expired and uk2.net are taking an age to bring it back) and my new official website (not yet uploaded).

The post that vanished was mostly about Farah Mendlesohn and her Inter-Galactic playground blog. Despite extreme ineptitude on my part Farah has managed to get in touch with me, tracking me through publishers, across blog sites and even enlisting some of my friends. She is both patient and persistent and has also reviewed some of my books so favourably that I should blush to link you to them.

People often ask me who I write for. For myself? For a certain sort of reader? For posterity? I'm now of the opinion that I wrote the Rights of Passage series for Farah. Despite starting with the second of the three published books and not knowing how many more there would be, she seems to have found out all my secrets and is still keen for more...

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello, World!

This is my brand new weblog. I've decided to have a blog in addition to my fan forums so it will be easy to find information about what I've been doing recently.

Last weekend I was at 'The Shock of the New', a literary conference held at St Catherine's college, Oxford. As well as talks given by such luminaries as Michael Morpurgo and David Fickling, I attended a session on ePublishing and another on secondary worlds given by my mother, Mary Hoffman. The whole experience was fantastically exciting and I'll be sharing more information and web links I've gleaned from it in various parts of this site. I also met lots of great people and sketched out ideas for some exciting projects.

In the spirit of the shock of the new, I now resolve to get the new version of my website online by the end of this month!

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