Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You are being redirected to my wordpress blog.


Just sit tight and you'll be there in seconds.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New blog at wordpress

There have been updates at www.rhiannonlassiter.com, tweaks to the layout of the 'about the author' and 'connect' areas, a new blog added and lots of links to social networking sites where I have a presence.

http://www.rhiannonlassiter.com - for the website
http://rhiannonlassiter.wordpress.com - to go directly to the new blog.

Please admire the curvy corners of the connect area.

PS: My reasons for moving from blogger to wordpress are:
a) easier to customise css
b) better implemenation of tagging and archiving
c) generally recommended

However, it's not perfect at wordpress, problems are:
a) can't edit html at all
b) customising css could be even easier still if not based on a template

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disaster has struck

I have damaged my MacBook (as yet I'm not sure how badly/expensively). I have lost data (9 days worth - don't know yet if it's recoverable). I have lost access to my normal file structures. My email is a mess.

Um. If you want to connect with me electronically, you may be out of luck. If there's anything urgent, please phone.



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Sunday, October 05, 2008

At the Guardian Award

I've been sick with a nasty cold recently so I'm late in updating my blog about the Guardian Award. The party was held in London, in the old press room. Writers and judges mingled with book world folk and the junior critics and I found myself the centre of a swarm of well-dressed and self-possessed young people who politely asked me to sign copys of my book and autograph books and to have my picture taken.

I did meet Nancy Netherwood and her sister Evie, as well as a host of Twilight fans (all team Edward), an intense and determined aspirant young writer called Arram (pictured right) who I wouldn't be at all surprised to see publishing her own work in another five to ten years. Shout outs also to the very pretty girl in the polka-dotted dress, the critic's friend who was given my book because her friend thought she'd enjoy it and the brunette in the pink top whose picture is below. I promised her a copy of this photo but being ill has driven it out of my mind, except I *think* it began with an R - let me hear from you, my friend.

The award was won by Patrick Ness for The Knife of Never Letting Go.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grauniad Competition

Thanks to a tip from my friend Farah, I got hold of today's Guardian to find an article about this year's competition. Young critics (aged from 8 to 16) have been "shadowing" the award and the article is about their impressions of the books.

"Bad Blood is a chilling read, not to be read after dark..." warns Nancy Netherwood of Rhiannon Lassiter's dark family tale shot through with hints from the supernatural. Not that it deterred her. Nancy loved the clever plotting and strong characters, describing it as an "incredible book, combining modern family troubles with a world of sinister magic". Tommie Hassall, from Westbourne School, was also gripped. "The book's pace is riveting. It holds the reader in the haunting world of the supernatural but does not shy away from the reality of the modern-day family, homosexuality and mental illness."

I'm going to the award ceremony tomorrow so more news will be forthcoming soon, including the name of the winner. I should also be meeting some of the young critics so I'll look out for Nancy and Tommie there. Nancy in particular has a name that makes Bad Blood a very suitable choice for her...

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